The venture capital fund-based approach to technology creation has become an increasingly inefficient method for the discovery and implementation of the “next big thing”.

At the same time, major leading technology companies find it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to innovate within their organizations.

Although large technology companies have the resources to invest in the development of new technology, their size, structure, and their focus on existing products frequently hampers innovation.

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Targeted Industries

Innovation engineering projects are initially focused on the development of fundamental scalable platform solutions for Cloud computing and related Cloud-based consumer and professional applications.

The following domains are targeted:

  • Data and process distribution
  • Image processing
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence

Additional innovation engineering domains include:

  • Application specific processor logic design
  • Neural computing
  • Robotics
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences and Medical Technologies
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Mine and Reality Ventures

MINE™ and Reality Ventures are set up in tandem to offer corporations and financial investors cost-effective, lower risk technology innovation with higher ROI by means of a novel and unique, five-stage, technology innovation engineering and intellectual property creation process called “IP mining”.

Reality Ventures is the entity that invests in the start up companies that are created to capitalize on the “mined” IP. As a result of the targeted technology innovation and engineering processes performed prior to their creation and funding, these start-ups are biased toward high growth and a lower investment risk.

The dual-company structure of MINE and Reality Ventures allows companies to invest and enable key strategic research and product development without having to increase their own internal operating expenses.

MINE and Reality Ventures together provide an investment vehicle to its corporate shareholders in the form of targeted creation of technology that results in a corresponding start-up suitable for acquisition. Corporate shareholders are granted a right of first refusal.

During a 10-year period, proceeds from the sale of start-up companies will normally be re-invested to fund new start-up companies or start-up companies in need of additional funding, thereby limiting the overall amount of the required investment by the partners in Reality Ventures to a fraction of the total investment made in funding the start-up companies.

Mine and Reality Ventures 1

Mine and Reality Ventures 2


November 19, 2013

Press Release  MINE and Reality Ventures Founded

Create Conducive Environment for Engineers and Scientists to Solve Daunting Technological Challenges       Download PDF


November 19, 2013

Press  Former mental images CEO Proposes New Startup Model

The German entrepreneur–who led and sold the well-known 3D software startup mental images–has been working on a new model for developing and funding high-tech products.      Read the article at The Wall Street Journal Blog


February 25, 2015

Press Release  MINE Innovation Engineering Hires Accomplished Computer Software Engineer James A. McCombe

MINE Innovation Engineering announces its expanded roster of innovation engineers with new hire James A. McCombe. A computer algorithms and hardware architecture genius, holding 23 granted US patents, McCombe is most well-known for founding Caustic Graphics after serving as a lead mobile graphics software architect at Apple Computer, Inc.      Download PDF




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