MINE recruits and employs some of the world’s finest engineering talent with deep and extensive domain-specific knowledge and experience for targeted research and innovation engineering, as well as a core engineering and executive staff for providing a world-class development environment.

We are looking for extremely talented and experienced, highly distinguished researchers and engineers who consider joining a start-up company a too-risky step in their professional career but have developed - often brilliant and unrealized - ideas that can fuel the core technology of possible start-up companies.

We are also looking for highly qualified and experienced software engineers and engineering managers who would like to join our project teams and resulting start-ups to bring these new technologies to life.

Subsequent to the successful implementation and validation of a proof-of-concept or prototype for any new technologies, start-up companies are formed. As part of their contracts, researchers and engineers have the option to join their particular start-up company at low personal risk. The core staff remains at MINE. The start-up companies are initially funded by Reality Ventures.


We are hiring researchers and engineers with diverse professional backgrounds including computer science, mathematics, physics, software engineering, systems architecture, logic design, web and mobile technologies, experience design, and computer graphics.

Organized in small, interdisciplinary teams, we thrive on our desire to learn from each other and we share our enthusiasm for creating technologies and experiences that matter.

MINE operates and hires worldwide. The company is based in Berlin, Germany, and San Francisco, California.

Your ideas, experience and vision matter to us.

Please contact us indicating your area of expertise and allow us to respond with a formal request for your resume and any additional information we may require.


Rolf Herken Founder, CEO and CTO of MINE

Rolf Herken is a highly respected visionary in the software technology industry, specifically in visual computing and Cloud platform technology, and is widely known for his ability to recognize strategic business opportunities and to find and manage world-class engineering teams in a global environment.

In 1986, he founded the company mental images in Berlin and turned it into the recognized international leader in providing component and platform software for the creation, manipulation and visualization of 3D content, driving the company’s innovative technologies and products since its inception.

In 1999, he founded the company incremental images in San Francisco to develop the world’s first cloud-based scalable software platform for interactive 3D content accessible from any device. Both companies were merged in 2003 and later acquired by NVIDIA in 2007.

He left NVIDIA in 2011 to create his next venture, the universal innovation engineering company MINE, in 2013. The first stand-alone start-up companies were spun out from MINE in 2016.

Prior to his career as a technology entrepreneur, Rolf Herken earned an advanced degree in Theoretical Physics at Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a number of fundamental patents in in visual computing and cloud platform technology.

Rebecca Tredway COO of MINE, San Francisco

Rebecca Tredway has held leading finance positions for entrepreneurial businesses in the software development and entertainment fields, including mental images, Autodesk, Turner Broadcasting, The Walt Disney Company and Arthur Young & Co.

In these roles she has managed strategic planning, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, finance, accounting, information systems and developer relations. She has extensive experience developing business structures in start-up companies.

Karen Kuehnert CFO of MINE

Karen Kuehnert has more than 20 years of financial management experience, working with manufacturing and technology-driven organizations, she has held senior financial positions at mental images, Technicolor, Baker Hughes and West Pharmaceutial Services, with responsibility for financial planning and analysis, treasury, accounting, tax, purchasing and investor relations.

Besides having a strong record in managing financial projects and played leadership roles in a number of company-wide initiatives, including various outsourcing projects and the global implementation of ERP systems, she is also experienced with demerging business units and has supported due diligence processes of industrial partners and private equity funds.

Gary Yost VP Engineering Management of MINE, San Francisco

Gary Yost lead the team that created 3ds Max, the world’s most widely used 3d content creation software. He is known for his pioneering work in the implementation of distributed software engineering — connecting geographically-distributed engineers in a tightly-coupled way. His history of assembling small groups of collaborating engineers has been proven to create efficiencies not seen in conventional engineering management.

Being an innovator himself, his supportive engineering management style helps to maintain an environment particularly suited to innovation.